A Message from Our President...


LCHS 9-12 PTSA is happy to welcome our families, students, teachers and staff to another wonderful school year at LCHS. We have the pleasure of welcoming five new members to our Executive Board and many new parents to chair our committees and programs. Our PTSA family continues to grow and thrive. This marks the 14th year that I have served on one PTA Board or another in our schools and I want to share with you why I have tremendous respect for this organization and why I continue to try to make it a relevant part of our school community.

Our State CAPTA mission states that our organization is “part of the fabric of the United States’ public-education system and a trusted partner to millions of parents, families, educators and community members, as it advocates for education, welfare, health and safety of all children.” 

I am so proud that LCHS 9-12 PTSA does such important work in achieving this mission. Here are a few examples of what we do and how our families’ contributions help us accomplish these important goals (language from CAPTA):

“Student and School Success: All students should receive a world-class education that prepares them for long-term success in college and careers.” LCHS PTSA helps support the Counseling Department, the IRC, and Technology purchases on campus in the amount of $20,000 yearly.

“Health and Safety: Every child should have a healthy and safe place to live, learn and thrive.” LCHS PTSA and our school administration, work together to create a positive school climate. From providing  funds for the Wellness Center to Disaster Relief Supplies to new locks for lockers, and Red Ribbon Week speakers, LCHS PTSA has spent and continues to spend between $30,000- $50,000 on these important initiatives.

“Arts and Culture: Every child should receive a well-rounded education with access to arts and cultural opportunities.” We are so lucky that at LCHS, the PTSA has the honor to support the all school musical in the amount of $5,000 yearly. We also provide funds for the photography or visual arts program to help our teachers close funding gaps.

“Advocacy: All families should be at the table and empowered to advocate for their own and every child.”  Members of PTSA have served on countless LCUSD District and LCHS site committees and task forces including LCAP, Safety and Security, Teacher Interview Panels, Student Rule Handbook Review Committees, just to name a few.


There is never a better feeling than being involved in your child’s school and education. We can’t ask for a better team of administrators, teachers and staff to partner with. With Principal Jim Cartnal at the helm, we are in great hands. I look forward to working hard this year to continue to do our part in making LCHS 9-12 the remarkable school that it is.


LCHS 9/12 PTSA President