Students can submit their CSF applications now!

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide organization that recognizes excellence upon graduation at the high school level.

All Freshmen, Sophomores, Junior and Senior students with good grades and citizenship are encouraged to apply each semester. To attain full membership and a CSF Gold Seal, a student needs to successfully submit an application for at least four semesters of high school. One semester must come from senior year. There are no volunteer hours to complete for high school CSF; you only need good grades and Outstanding and Satisfactory citizenship.

If you meet the requirements and would like to be considered for membership, then please complete the application which can be found (along with this information in the student portal of 

Applications must be submitted with a copy of last semester's report card (please upload.) 

***Please name your report card file as follows --> class (2022, 2023, 2024, 2025) last name, first name, student id# (your 5-digit id on your ID card.)

**You must have a report card that shows your CITIZENSHIP, not just letter grades. If you have any N's or U's, you are ineligible.

*If sharing via Google Drive, add [email protected] to the permissions to view the file.

Deadline to submit is Sunday, February 20th, 2022 by 12AM. Please direct any questions to Mr. Spitler at [email protected].