The LCHS PTSA Online News is the newsletter of the LCHS PTSA published bi-weekly using our Constant Contact© mailing list. To receive our newsletter, complete the signup form below. An archive of newsletters sent out this school year is maintained on this website on this page.

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LCHS PTSA Online News Publication Policy:

The LCHS PTSA Online Newsletter is published twice a month to LCHS PTSA registrants via Constant Contact, the PTSA’s email service provider. Emails are sent on the Tuesday closest to the 15th and 30th of each month with some exceptions. PTSA members and community organizations may submit articles for possible publication in future newsletters. Articles intended for inclusion must be submitted by the Sunday prior to publication. Articles submitted after the deadline may not be included in that weeks’ issue. Articles will remain in subsequent publications until date of event as passed unless otherwise specified. To submit an article:

  • Email proposed articles to in the body of an email or as an MS Word document attachment.
  • If you wish to include graphics, do NOT put them in the document. Instead, send them as a graphic file attachment (ie .jpeg), or they will not be used.
  • If you wish to have a link to a flyer please attach as a pdf. Word documents CANNOT be linked.
  • Please include all links in their original form. The Constant Contact chair will create them as a CLICK HERE in the publication.
  • If your article is accepted for publication, the LCHS PTSA reserves the right to edit and re-format your article submission for length and formatting purposes.
  • Please do not include minors' last names, and only use last initials. (e.g. Jane D.) We are unable to publish minors' surnames for legal reasons unless we receive explicit permission from the minors' parent(s).
  • The mention of any business or service in this publication does not imply endorsement by the LCHS PTSA.
  • Articles must include contact information for questions.
  • Inclusion of any information is at the discretion of the Constant Contact Chair, the PTSA President and the LCHS Principal.