What is Founders Day?

Here's your chance to recognize an LCHS volunteer, teacher or staff member. PTAs throughout California give Founders Day awards “in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth.”

We are now accepting nominations for 2021 Founders Day awards. The selection and awards presentation will be made in the Spring of 2021. Submit your nominations now using the form below by December 18, 2020 January 15, 2021:


Please do not hesitate to reach out to Sharon Grey at swgrey@hotmail.com with any questions.



Winners for 2020

Please join the LCHS PTSA in recognizing the 2020 Founders Day recipients, announced on March 11, 2020:


Kelly Armaly

Kelly has served as treasurer on the LCHS PTSA executive board for the past two years. She took on this position following her role as treasurer for the LCHS 7/8 PTA and before that, the LCE PTA. Kelly has been a dedicated volunteer for years in a wide range of roles, serving as an LCE room rep and 6th-grade play chair, a classroom volunteer, committee chair at the school's Halloween Haunt, book fair co-chair, PTA auditor, and one-check data chair. She has attended countless PTA and PTSA meetings and fundraising events to lend a hand and keep records of financial transactions that benefit our kids. Kelly graciously offered her home last year as a marketplace venue during the PTA's Home Tour fundraiser.

Kelly is married to her supportive husband, Samir Armaly, and has two sons, who both attend(ed) LCE, LCHS 7/8, and LCHS 9/12.

Sun R. Chung

Sun has been a parent volunteer at LCHS as president of the Korean American Parent Assn. from 2015-2017, and an ongoing active member of the group since 2012. In this role, Sun connects parents and welcomes everyone to the high school, offering advice and guidance along the way. Sun has been a volunteer helping with the LCHS staff breakfast from 2016-2019, and is an active LCHS Spartan baseball volunteer. She previously chaired a Korean parent outreach program at LCE, and received an honorary service award from the LCE PTA in 2013.

Sun has been married for 22 years and has a daughter, LCHS class of '17, and a 10th grade son.


Maria Videla Juniel

Maria, a professional designer, donated more than 100 hours of her time to create the newly-opened Wellness Center at LCHS. She purchased furniture and materials to create function and a welcoming vibe in the center, using trade discounts she receives as a designer and passing the savings on to the high school. In addition, Maria is in her second year on the board of the LCHS Choral Parents Association, serving as assistant treasurer.

Maria is married with a daughter in 9th grade at LCHS, and 6th-grade son at PCR.


Jeremy and Julie Milbrodt

Julie and Jeremy have been Spartan Booster supporters since 2002, and through the years have been active volunteers in nearly every aspect of the La Canada school district. Jeremy has served on the Boosters Executive Committee for three years – one as Secretary and two as President. Jeremy also served on the LCHS Wellness Center committee. Julie previously volunteered at PCY as a Spirit wear chair, GATE liaison, and on the School Site Council. She served on the Yes on Measure LCF and La Canada parcel tax committees, and on the Challenge Success Building Your Path events committees in 2016 and 2018. Julie is currently working on the local Realtor Roundtable event designed to welcome new families into the La Canada Unified School District. Julie and Jeremy are La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation endowment supporters.
Jeremy and Julie are married with two children at LCHS. Jeremy is an equity partner at a law firm. Julie has been a Realtor since 2000.


Bill Lively

Bill is a social science teacher at LCHS, where he has built exceptional connections with his students to bring out their best. He demands a high standard for his students, and students take pride in meeting his expectations. He fosters a true love and understanding of history, and is always available for students who have questions. He is a great communicator with parents, and shares a high level of detail of student progress in his classes. He is a true professional, who has a passion for what he teaches. He encourages students to think in new ways in a caring and supportive environment. Bill is a past ASB adviser for three years from 2014-2016, National History Day adviser for the past two years, and is currently the LCHS Comedy Sports adviser.
Bill is married to his best friend and amazing wife, Candace. The couple is expecting their first child in May - a girl!

Rachel Ware Zooi

For the past two years, Rachel, an LCHS 9-12 counselor, has worked tirelessly planning the opening of the Spartan Wellness Center at LCHS. This included countless meetings with builders, designers, and administrators, and traveling to other wellness centers, writing grants, and meeting with community organizations. Rachel's commitment to this project is a testament to her dedication to students. Rachel has been a counselor in LCUSD for 11 years focusing on program planning, prevention, and early intervention work. She also co-developed the LCHS Peer Support program at LCHS with teacher Lucy Pelletier. Outside of LCUSD, she has served on the LCF Community Prevention Council for three years, is working on her PhD, and teaches part time at Loyola Marymount University. She is a thoughtful, insightful, innovative leader who deeply cares about her work at the high school.
Rachel enjoys spending time with family, which includes her husband of 23 years who directs a non-profit youth-serving organization. She has two sons who live in New York: one who graduated from college and is a musician, and another in his 3rd year of college.

Alice Hastings

As the LCHS 7-12 health coordinator for the last 16 years, Alice has been a committed and passionate care provider for students. Her calm, caring demeanor greets students and parents. When she contacts families with news of a child's injury or incident at school, Alice's kindness and professionalism sets both students and parents at ease.
Alice enjoys relaxing while watching the old sitcom "Good Times" on TV, and taking in a movie with family and discussing it afterward. Alice loves God and enjoys attending church to hear the Word of God being preached and the fellowship that follows.


Past LCHS 9-12 Founders Day Award Winners

(Honorary Service Award unless otherwise indicated.)

YearWinnerAward Type
2019 Justin Valassidis  
Laura Deans  
Susan Moore  
Frances Delgatty  
Judy Kwon  
2018      David Haxton  
Bob Huson  
Mike Kauffman  
Natalie Kouyoumdjian  
Lori Moody (Haxton)  Golden Oak
Chris Roberts  Continuing Service
2017     Sarah Beattie  
Sonia Bradley  Continuing Service
Christie Clarkson  Continuing Service
Laura Strametz  Golden Oak
Victor Torres  
2016      Leanne Forshager  
 A.J. Jones  
Ian McFeat  
Rosanne Morrison  
Linda Richman  Continuing Service
Merissa Sadler  
2015     Maureen Borland Continuing Service
Carlos Martinez  
Vineda Mitchell  
Lucy Pelletier  
Kathy Seuylemezian  
2014      Reda Hanna  
Kathy Harb Continuing Service
Samantha Heer Continuing Service
Celina Lew Continuing Service
Gayle Nicholls-Ali  
Vicki Schwartz  
2013      Justin Eick  
Jennifer Herzer  
Deena Keys  
Lori Moody (Haxton) Continuing Service
Joy Smith  
Jason Stone  
2012     Christie Frandsen Continuing Service
Becky Lankey Continuing Service
Jamie Lewsadder  
Jackie Luzak Continuing Service
Sue Wright Continuing Service
2011     Jeff Brookey  
Shelley Buck  
Linda Kimball  
Anne Tryba  
Steve Zimmerman  
2010      Paul & Cindy Gilbert  
Mo Hurlbutt  
Rick Mohney  
Cayce Sheppard Continuing Service
Sally Spangler  
The 2009 LCHS Grad Night Committee  
2009     Claudia Alequin  
Damon Dragos  
Hilary Gregg  
Cynthia Roye  
Daniel Yoder  
2008     Christine Burrows  
Jim Cartnal  
Karen Mathison Golden Oak
Deputy Todd Samms  
Tom Traeger  
2007     Jim Harvey  
Michele Listo  
Linda Matchie  
Randy Strapazon  
Beth Waas  
2006     Joanne Davidson  
Susan Fleming  
Laura Hicklin  
Melinda Horwith  
Joanne Lew  
2005     Jean Kawakami Continuing Service
Mike Leininger Continuing Service
Mary Motia Continuing Service
Tom Reynolds  
Lorie Marie Rios  
2004     Judy Cosgrove  
Rita Harwood  
Christine Kim  
LCHS Music Parents  
Aileen Peterson  
2003     Kim Beattie  
Cathy Geisbauer  
Mary Jane Hufstedler Continuing Service
Kathy Kumagai  
Morgan Spiecker Golden Oak
2002      Terry Engler  
Jan Guerrero  
Vicki Ho  
Karen Kiefer  
Lindsay Ward Continuing Service
Tanya Wilson  
2001     Linda Fors  
Myrna McCune  
Karen Mealiffe Continuing Service
Bob Miller Continuing Service
Ginny Wetzel  
2000     Craig Franzen  
Kathryn Mayer  
Georgia Moses  
Wes Seastrom  
Richard Weld  
1999     Debra Dane  
Phil Despard  
Lindsay Epstein Continuing Service
Mary Lou Langedyke Continuing Service
Javier Rocha  
1998      Randy & Mike Bayard  
Michael Carney  
Anthony Dicks Very Special Person
Julie Miller  
Wendy Nicoll Continuing Service
Hope Ricewasser  
1997    Pat & Harold Henderson  
John Kelsey Continuing Service
Julie Miller  
Carol Mollet Continuing Service
1996      Patty Compeau Continuing Service
Mary Ruth Dicks  
Carri Pollock Continuing Service
Dallas Raines Honorary Life
Mimi Song  
Lani Wile Continuing Service
1995     Sherrill Carbonetti Golden Oak
Kavitha Krishnan  
Nancy Pickett  
Elizabeth Rose Continuing Service
Mary Walsten  
1994   Jinny Dalbeck  
Cappy Mieding  
Ellie Slack  
1993   Louie Bilowitz  
Carol Brown  
Martha Osher  
1992    Charlene Cundey  
Mary Jane Huffstedler  
Carol Pollock Continuing Service
Margo Walter  
1991    Marina Chahine  
Tema Halpern  
John Siegler  
Cynthia Smither  
1990     Doug Coe Continuing Service
Bonnie Falin  
Tom Hofman  
Noreen Kukkonen  
Carol Liu  
1989    Evie Aguilar  
Nancy Evans  
Susan Hamre  
Fred Hansen  
1988   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bender Certificate of Appreciation
Elizabeth Rose  
Dede Whitney  
1987     Voytek Dolinski  
Becky Gelhaar  
Mary Lou Langdyke  
Karen Mealiffe  
Rosalie Plowaty  
1986      Liz Argue  
Tanya Beglitsoff Certificate of Appreciation
Jane Cooney  
Don Hagen  
Julia Hastings  
Gary Lievre  
1985     Jan Downhower  
George Madatian  
Margaret Pankratz  
Don Schaafsma  
Lourene Vail Continuing Service
1984   Iris Douglas  
Karen Johnson  
Don Miller  
1983   Mary Ann Andrews  
Glen Perrin  
George Wartenberg  
1982    Jane Malmgren  
Clover Moffat  
Nancy Palermo  
Wealthy Slattery  
1981     Marilyn Colyar  
Jim Harvey  
John Lusche, Sr.  
Donald Nydam  
Barbara Roberts  
1980    Nancy Francis  
Marilyn Pieroni  
Dennis Sanchez  
Thelma Stanley  
1979    Jerry Klocek  
Carolyn Northern  
Wesley C. Seastrom  
Helen Smith  
1978  Silsby Eastman  
Joseph Kidushim  
1977  Sue Schechter  
Richard Wilkinson Continuing Service
1976  John Beger  
Lois Brough  
1975  John Kelsey  
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Larsen  
1974  Mary Jane Ellis  
James McDonnell  
1973 Rahla Hall  
1972  Anne Christopher  
Robert Hoagland  
1971  Sally Moore  
John Murphy  
1970  Gerry Bittner  
Fred Hansen  
1969 Richard DeGrey  
1968 Virginia Frank  
1967 Douglas Coe  
1966 James Eaton  
1965 Ruth Lindegren  
1964 Jane Hogle